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2 years ago

Applying credits to a supplier payment?

Hi guy's, I am wondering how, or if there's a easier way then I'm trying to do, but all I want to do is add a supplier credit to my supplier payment. I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense but I'm Leaning as I go. I have let's say $2000 of supplier bills to pay, I also have $500 of supplier credits to be applied. The invoices relating to the credits are paid and gone. I'm trying to create a supplier payment by clicking the invoices I wish to pat but do not have the option to apply the credits that are entered into the system as they're simply not listed. For example I'd like to select the $2000 worth of invoices, the select the $500 credit to show I've paid $1500 total. Is this even possible or am I attacking this completely wrong? Thanks for reading and any advise 🙏

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  • I'm so glad you asked this question. I,too, am frustrated with the way you have to enter a 'credit" as a 'bill'...but when you go to make a supplier payment...the credits dont appear in your bill list, to be checked off with the payments. VERY ANNOYING. The credits have to be applied using the supplier returns function...but then don't appear on the remittance advice sent to the supplier. I have to manually advise the credits that have been applied on the remittance before sending. EVEN MORE ANNOYING!!

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    Hi Conspirio 

    Thank you so much for your post. Yes you're doing it correctly, To process a customer credit for times when a customer returns an item or cancels their order, you first need to record a credit transaction and then record the settlement of the credit as a refund or by applying it to another outstanding invoice.

    This help article will give you more information about Settling customer credits and Customer returns, credits and refunds

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      Is there any chance the software designers can include the credits in the supplier invoices list, to be checked off when making the supplier payment?

      Then maybe they can show in the remittance advice also?

      I have to manually list all credits applied when sending the remittance.

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      Earl, unfortunately your response makes little sense as I am talking about supplier credits, not customer credits. The issue inam referring to is exactly the same as MM has reported it is frustratingly difficult to process a simple credit note from a supplier. 

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        Hi Conspirio 


        Thank you for your post. And we appreciate your patience in the issue.  And thanks for updating us and getting back to us. I can see how this situation affected you.


        In general, If you want to apply a credit note on the supplier credit, You can enter a negative line creating a bill by entering the No of units as a negative and the Unit price as a Positive. So to record a supplier credit note, go to Create Bill and enter No of units as negative. You will then be able to process the supplier return.  You can check on this Help Article: Entering Payments made to suppliers this can serve as a guide and it contains more information. 

        I hope this helps. If you need further assistance feel free to post again.  I'm happy to assist. 


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