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11 months ago

Customer payments made via MYOB PAYBY marking off invoice as paid but not matching the bank feed deposit

I have bank deposits for MYOB PAYBY which have marked off the invoices as paid but is not matching to the bank feed deposit. I cannot search for the invoice because it has automatically been marked as paid when our client has paid online. Please advise what is the procedure to mark this correctly in the bank feed?

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  • hi i have just poste the same issue, did you get a reposnse from anyone for this issue? rob

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    Hi Everyone, I found a solution in Sales settings/Payments/Edit preferences and changed the online payment settings for both online invoice accounts and credit card surcharge to my bank account instead of Undeposited Funds ledger. I then had to locate all the transactions that had been put in the undeposited funds ledger and changed them to my bank account. Then I could find them and match them in my bank feeds. This has now resolved my issue.

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    I am having exactly the same issue. I've just posted it again tonight. Does anyone even answer the questions any more? I'm thinking of changing to QuickBooks because it is so frustrating when you can't get Issues songs with your software

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      I had a similar issue where it marked the invoice as paid and the invoice was linked to a payment recieved but the actual payment came through as a seperate transaction creating a duplicates. I could not figure out how to delete the duplicate and after 2 hours on hold I've switched to xero, because my wife was already using that platform. You dont need this kind of BS at tax time.

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        I have discovered a simular problem, on 3 occassions since May Invoices have been auto marked paid through MYOB PAYBY (twice- as in 2 invoices of the same amount marked as paid) both using the same MYOB payment reference number, I only recieve 1 remittance and 1 payment to my bank account. End of Year reconcilliaton has uncovered the unmatched payments. These customers havnt been chased for payment as a result, I feel I can hardly return these invoices to my debtors list???? 


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      JulieZ1 Wilhelm101 robhusk Please see my comment above. If this is still an issue you're looking to resolve and the help content links provided do not help, let me know and I will send through contact details so we can investigate further. 

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        I am experiencing the same issue with online payments. I have had to engage my very knowledgable MYOB consultant to provide work arounds so I can reconcile my accounts.  I feel I may have to turn off this feature if it is not resolved. These online payments just keep popping up in my bank feed and cannot be matched. All my settings are as per MYOB instructions but apparently transactions are not being pushed through correctly. As a long time MYOB customer, this is really disappointing. The help links are not helping.

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    Hi easyfix I am a product manager at MYOB who looks after our Online Invoice Payment product (OIP for short, and previously known as MYOB PAYBY). Is this still an issue you are experiencing? If so, what MYOB product are you using (eg. MYOB Business Lite, etc.)?

    Here are a couple of help pages that might help; you do have to select an account to record transactions and fees, which if you haven't can lead to the situation outlined in your message (instructions are under the "What to do once your application is approved" FAQ - see the "Online Payment Settings" screenshot).

    That said, if you have selected the accounts and are still having this issue, let me know and I'll send through contact details for our dedicated OIP Support Team so we can investigate further.