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2 years ago

Einvoice intray


How do you get an Einvoice to place items on each line, as per the invoice.


ie Bunning invoices - 

receive the invoice in the intray, create a bill and Myob lists each item purchased was on a new line for me to code each item.

With the Einvoice, create a bill, myob does not list each item on a line for me to code. Should I wish to have each item on a line to code, I would have to manually type the information myself.


This is the case on both web and desktop intrays. 


But I did notice on desktop, that for some Bunnings invoices, two invoices were received in the intray for the same invoice, I created a bill with the invoice [Black & white invoice] this would list the items on each line and then I would linked the second invoice (which is the einvoice - couloured) to the bill I had just created.


But surely Einvoice should list each item on a line as per the invoice/pdf ?

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    Hi SammiB 


    Thank you for your post. When you add a bill to the In Tray, the software will use advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to identify written information in the document. 


    It sounds like the system is not able to read the information, which can cause missing information, but also information being in the wrong place i.e. all of the line items being put in one row.


    If you could attach in a reply or private message me a copy of the document you mentioned, and the last 4 digits of your Serial Number I will be able to reproduce the error to check if this was the case?  


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