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3 months ago

Emailing bulk sales invoices

Hi.  I have recently moved over to Accountright on the browser.  I am trying to email out all the monthly invoices but I get a message.  "Please enable Emailing from desktop AccountRight preferences setting: Access the file via AccountRIght > Setup > Preferences > Emailing > Enable Send Emails Using AccountRight option."  I have gone back to the desktop file which is now read only and I can see that the Enable send emails using accountright option is ticked.  However, I still get this message.  How do I fix this.  Appreciate any help I can get


thanks.  Elise


Yes it is a read only file.  Last didgets of serial number are:  1033  can't see where I can reply to your email

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi Elisem,

    Thanks for your post. Upon reviewing your account, I noticed that your read-only file shares the same serial number. In your situation, because both the serial number and the file are the same, and you're accessing the file via the web, it's likely that your file is set to read-only. This means that any changes made from your end will not be reflected on the web (which is online). 

    To assist you further, could you please provide the last four digits of your serial number? This will allow us to check the issue on the backend for you.

    Looking forward to your response.