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2 months ago

Linking receipt to an allocated spend money transaction

Is there anyway to attach a receipt to an existing spend money transation? 


I've been using the MYOB Capture app to send receipts to my In Tray but can't seem to figure out how to link to an exisiting spend money transaction. I see the option to link to an expense, and the option to create a new spend money but the transactions are already there due to being synced with the bank account.

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    Hi pschimek,


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    To attach a receipt to an existing spend money transaction, kindly go to Banking > Find transactions and then click the reference number of the transaction. Once done, scroll down to view the 'Attachments' that allow you to browse the file you want to attach. Lastly, click Record. More information regarding your concern can be found in the Help Article: Attaching documents to spend money transactions


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