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2 months ago

Online payments are not closing the invoice

This past week, payments had by customers online are not closing the sales invoice. Is this a known glitch?   The payment receipt / confirmation that the customer receives shows the merchant fee as...
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    2 months ago

    *Edited 24/07 to reflect the correct support instructions

    • Check that you have chosen the Payment category and Fee category to record payments and fees.
      Open the online invoice payments portal go to Settings > expand Bank Accounts and select the payment and fee categories under Record payments.

    • If you're using bank feeds, make sure the Payment category in your online invoice payment settings is the same as the bank account connected to bank feeds.

    • If you're on AccountRight and are using cost centre tracking, make sure they are not set as 'required'. 
      You can still use these, but they must be set as 'optional'.
      To check, go to Setup > Preferences > if Turn on Cost Centre Tracking is ticked, select the dropdown Not Required