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11 months ago

Can't Close Paid Invoice.

Just started happening about a month and a half ago with some of my customers they have paid the due amount it shows in my bank acoount but the invoice won't show up as paid... Can't change it.

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hey ComfreyTree

    Welcome to the Community Forum! I'm here to make sure we get to the bottom of your issue. 

    When you open up the invoice that your customer has paid, is it currently sitting as Open? In order for the Invoice to be marked as Closed, a payment needs to be applied against it. More information and instructions about Customer Payments can be found here. 


    Feel free to send me a Private Message if the issue persists.

    Cheers, Amanda. 


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    Hi ComfreyTree 

    When you do your bank transactions - are you matching it against the invoice, or just coding it to sales/income?

    You need to match Transactions and match it against the customer and invoice required.