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2 years ago

Connection error when invoicing

Connection error coming up when we are invoicing. We use inventory and at 67 lines of inventory a connection error comes up. Everything you have done before this has to be lost as there is no way of saving anything you have added before the last save .

Been in contact with Myob and what a bunch of headless chooks . Their service is appalling . It takes an hour to get them on the phone then 40mins to convince the moron that we need technical help. Then you get through to a so called technician, who is useless as well. Then  sit on the phone another hour send diagnostics and changing source coded and then finally they say they will call back in 48 hrs . But they never do. Then you call back and noone has any idea of what you are calling about . This online program is a joke . You then have to run through everything you have done until finally the first person realises it is out of their league and you go back on hold for another hour. Only to be cut off as soon as the technician answers. 

To the experts out there we have brought in an IT guy to our house and our connection is 78MPS. It never drops out. We have disabled all firewalls and all personal programs that might upset a connection. 


Then they got me to change the DNS connection code to the server. That did nothing. 

Then they got me to change in the source code of the .EXE file the settings to 3600 seconds and even add in a line for  Transaction timeout Minutes to connect. Still no good. 

What a joke. I am trying to run a business and we cannot send any invoices. But this company never call you back and do nothing to help. They should be ashamed of themselves and this product. if something isnt done very soon I will be leaving them for another program . This used to be a great program for 20 years and now it has bugs everywhere and absolutely no help. 


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    Hi this afternoon i am unable to send out invoices.  I get a pop up message saying something has gone wrong. I choose to restart and when i try again same thing occurs.  If i dont choose to restart and close i cannot go any further within the program. 


    The report log includes: 


    Please advise how to fix



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      This is happening to me as well - with the same error message " Something went wrong and Accountright needs to close" - i have logged out - tried to clear the cache - turned computer off to no avail - cant send out my invoices.

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    Having same issue this afternoon.  Unable to send invoices and keep getting prompted to restart the program. Which doesnt help and keeps crashing when i go to send an invoice. 

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      I received the same error after trying to add a new user to online access of MYOB...


      Will be of no help to most but lately when I've received this error I clicked Close and the program didn't actually shut itself down and I was able to continue.....although I immediately saved what I was working on first...


      Today's error didn't allow continuation and I had to restart MYOB.


      EDIT: Received another error of a different type again, happened when about to start an import data procedure.


      Saved the Error log file if anyone here at MYOB support wants to see it.

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        I am getting the same error code.

        Trying to email invoices and this happens.


        Myob support and customer service is absolutely hopeless!!!!!!!

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      Sorry to hear. that is a different error to what I am getting. Currently on phone for 2hrs and 2mins and still haven't got through to the first person yet. Could be out making money but this program just costs you money

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      Yes, having the same issues here. But they only started about an hour ago. Earlier today I was sending invoices normally.

  • I'm getting the "something's gone wrong" screen when trying to email an invoice.  Error log attached.


    Checked email log and no log of emails either.


    Logged out and in a few times. Not helped.


    MYOB live chat is too busy to help!

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      Im having the same issue - have been for about 2 hours now and the same error message :(


      Cant email my invoices.

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    Just had a callback from the MYOB Guru after I first called them 10 days ago. His name is Kashore. Please forgive spelling.

    Fixed it in 1.5Hrs and I have been totally out of action for 10 days.  If they had of just got him to call me back straight away, we could have had a wonderful feeling about MYOB and not the angry one I have about their customer care. 


    The problem was in the tax calculation at the bottom of the invoices, Orders and Quotes. After the invoice had a lot of information in it the tax calculation would be carrying the small leftovers after at worked out 1/11 th of the price and then the connection error would come up. 


    The solution was for you to click on the ble tax calculation , tell it to recalculate and then press OK and problem solved. Seems to fix everything. 


    We also make deductions on some total inventory lines and this has fixed that up from a connection error and sometimes we get an unbalanced  error comes up. This recalculate has fixed it as well. 


    Happy days for us. We hope this helps you all. Thanks for ideas you all gave us though. 



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    Is anyone else having connection issues with MYOB Account Right?

    A error keeps coming up canot connect. MYOB do you have an ETA when this error will be fixed? We are trying to run a small business and these interuptions make it extremely difficult and stressful not being able to access our company file. Please confirm when we can expect this issue resolved, Thank you 

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      at the moment it is just sending invoices i'm having connection issues with.

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        Thanks, MYOB for dropping the connect for ALL your customers.

        Lost so much work, sales orders, purchase orders, etc and I now have to re-enter.

        Please fix your broken software.

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      I am also having issues - every time I try and email my payslips it keeps coming up with an error "Something's gone wrong and AccountRight needs to close".


      I'm getting a bit over it as I'm trying to run a small business here.

  • Hello,


    Across the board all employees whether in Payroll, Purchasing or Banking are continuously being kicked out of MYOB. I have tried calling the helpline but the recorded message just says there is a large volume of calls and to try again later before it hangs up!


    Can somebody please let me know what is happening to the systsem?!!!

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    Yeah my staff are reporting the same issue here in WA and I just lost payroll which I have to get done today because of the public holiday.