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2 years ago

Finance Charge - Late Payment Fee Incorrectly Generated

Hi    Looking for an explanation as to why a Lay Payment fee (Finance Charge) of $30 was generated for a Late Payment, when it should not have.   My Customer made a short payment on the previous ...
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    2 years ago

    Hi nooch1960 ,

    Thanks for your post.

    Based on the information and screenshot provided, the possibility of this occurrence would be via the receive payment screen.

    Eg; If the customer payment received was more than invoiced amount ,it could have ended up in finance charge. please refer to the screenshot

    Receive Payments window with finance charge highlighted


    The help article Finance charges paid by customers - MYOB AccountRight - MYOB Help Centre will step you through deleting/reversing the finance charge


    Hope this helps and do let us know if you need any further details



    Priya Selvaraj.