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30 days ago

GST no missing on Sales Invoice

We email our sales invoices to our customers, and we've had two instances where the customer has sent an invoice back, as it does not have the GST number on the invoice, its just missing.  The title is there, but the actual number is missing.


Ive randomly checked invoices, and tried to recreate it, but havent been able to.  When I print them or email them to myself, it appears.   This has occured twice now.


Its a customer that has alot of invoices from us, and we are using the same form for them on each instance.  The others appear fine.


Can anyone assist as to why this is occuring randomly?

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi Bradworthington,


    I understand how frustrating it must be to encounter missing GST number with the invoices. When sending invoices to your customer, Advanced Filters is worth checking to see if the Selected Form for Sale is correct. To check it, you can go to Sales > Print/Email Invoices > To Be Emailed > Advanced Filters. You can check the screenshots below as your references.




    Don't hesitate to create a post again if you encounter issues in the future.


    Best regards,


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      Hi Doreen,

      Thanks for the comment.  Very frustrating indeed.

      When we send our customers their invoices we do use the Print/Email invoices option, and send them their invoices for the month, so its just a random event that some of the invoices dont have a GST number appearing on their copy.   These customers have 100+ invoices per month, and its just three now that have missing GST numbers.   Its very random, and I havent been able to reproduce the fault when we resend them the invoice.

      Very painful!

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        MYOB Moderator

        Hi Bradworthington

        I totally get how frustrating and puzzling this can be. It's strange that only a few invoices are missing the GST numbers out of so many. No worries; we're here to help you figure this out. I would highly recommend following the previous workaround that Doreen_P provided. Your patience while we sort this out is really appreciated. Let me know how you'd go with this and if you need further help.



        Kind regards,