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2 years ago

Import Receive Payments: Error -4633



I'm trying to import Receive Payments but am continually getting the below error message:


Error -4633: ReceivePaymentEvent_LineSaleEventDoesNotBelongToCard


Anyone else encountered this?


The import was working on Monday, but yesterday and today no such luck. Am only trying one import line (as a test) and it just won't accept it. We have 100's to import (pay bills, too).


Not getting any help over the phone to MYOB either. Spent 1.5 hours on the phone yesterday arvo and the guy appeared stumped and told me he'd research it further and would be in touch "first thing this morning".


Guess what? Haven't had any contact from him.


Any help is greatly appreciated.




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  • Hi Luke-SB 


    The error suggests the sale you are trying to attach the payment to is a different customer to the one making the payment. You will need to provide more info for a meaningful response. This could be due to having duplicate invoice numbers or multiple customers with same name. How are you identifying the invoice, how are you identifying the customer the payment was from? Have you checked the customer on the invoice is the same customer you are using for the payment? Perhaps attach screenshots.