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4 years ago

In tray not working

I can't drop any invoices into the intray is anyone else having problems?
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    4 years ago

    Hi Tanyak 


    Thanks for your post. This is an issue that was first reported by users back in May, for some users it resolved itself and now seems to have broken again.  All indications are that this is an environmental issue and may have been caused by Windows or Outlook updates. Our developers are working on this but have found it difficult to 

     pinpoint the exact cause of this issue due to these factors:


    1. it appears to be environmental - only a small number of clients are affected and no changes have been made to the In Tray
    2. it is intermittent - it resolved itself previously and has now stopped working again

    To assist our development team can I please get you to provide a screenshot of the following screen:




    To find this screen:

    1. open Outlook
    2. click on File in the top left corner
    3. select Office Account from menu

    In the meantime, dragging the entire email into InTray would work (which uploads all attachments within the email); dragging and dropping documents from local computer or emailing documents to InTray also works as usual.