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5 years ago

Invoice Reminders

Hi All, Regarding the new “Invoice Reminders”. I understand that email reminders will only be sent to customers who have already received and invoice sent by email. So here is my questions” I alrea...
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    5 years ago

    Hi hkjohn 


    Invoice reminders are sent out on invoices that you used AccountRight to email i.e. have enabled Setup>>Preferences>>Emailing - Send AccountRight to Email. If you have printed the invoice there are a few things you can do to email that invoice:

    • Email the invoice from the Edit Sales window - selecting Send to>>Email
    • Select to email the invoice from the Sales>>Print/Email Invoices>>To be Emailed tab. Note: the Invoice delivery status may need to be updated to be To be Emailed prior to having those transactions appear in that window OR you could use the Advanced Filters in the Print/Email Invoices window to unselect Unprinted or Unsent invoices only to have those transactions appear in the window.

    I would recommend enabling Invoice reminders prior to emailing those emails using AccountRight.


    If you do need to amend an invoice that has already been sent, you would amend the invoice in AccountRight and the resend that invoice to the customer. This will update the invoice in the Online Invoice Portal with the relevant changes. This is the process for whether a reminder has been sent or not.


    Help Article: How do reminders and unpaid invoice summaries look to your customers? showcases how those reminders will look. Basically, it will be the listed invoice reminder message that you have set and an option to view the invoice for the customer to view the invoice with.