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3 years ago

Job codes find and replace

AccountRight 2021.5.2 online and desktop   Our job codes relate to the financial year in which our product is delivered to the public CQxxxx = year ending 31 March 2022 CRxxxx = year ending 31 Ma...
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    3 years ago

    Hi StuartWebb 


    While the AccountRight browser functionality does have a Find and replace function this is currently limited to accounts and tax codes. Updating jobs on transactions would be a manual process.


    The quickest way I could see you doing it would be to run the Job transactions report and then go through the transactions to update the job listed on the transaction.


    Alternatively, depending on the purpose, you could just be looking at transferring the balance of the transactions across to the other job. This would involve a journal entry similar to the following:



    The above process would take the funds from one job and place them against the other, while not impacting the overall balance of the account.