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3 years ago

PRINTING to many pages

If anyone can help?

I just upgraded account right to the new upgrade. Now when i print the invoice with the packing slip it adds an extra page (full colour) with the how to pay details? ie: billcodes etc,  I dont want to print this, it is using to much ink and paper.  So far nearly half a reem. 

Two a4 papers only not three. 


Myob, your impossible to talk with for quick help. 

Should i charge Myob for the paper and ink? perhaps time to fix it up again, that in any event i have no clue how to do. 




  • Hi Everyone

    Thank you for your feedback and your patience in regard to this topic.

    The AccountRight 2021.5.2 version has been made available and does include a remedy for this particular situation. PC Edition users should receive an in-product prompt to install this new version upon opening.

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  • Hi Nics 


    We are aware that when printing invoices a second page is printed. This is something that we have passed back to the required team. At this time we don't have any further information or updates that we can supply. However, I have ensured that we have included that you have been impacted by this situation and registered your comments against that situation so that the team is aware.

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      Hi Steven, 

      Thank you for replying. 

      The invoice and the packing slip is fine, however there is a third page now. 

      I have used nearly half a ream, it is a wate of paper ink time and money. 


      Could i please have an outcome on how to stop this?

      Thank you Nicole 

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        Hi Everyone

        Thank you for your patience in regard to this situation. We do understand the impact that this particular situation can have on users.

        As been indicated, we are aware that following the new AccountRight 2021.5 update invoices will print a second page. This is something that we have made our product teams aware of and they are working on a potential fix for that. At this time, we don’t have any additional information we can supply with respect to when that update will be available. However, do rest assured that our teams are working on this and we will communicate when that update is made available to users.

        Once again thank you for your patience at this time.

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    I have the same issue.

    They say that it cannot be changed on the program.

    The only way to do it is to save it to a Pdf first then print page 1 only.