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10 months ago

Supplier Invoices not loading to In Tray

When trying to load the purchase invoices into the intray, it keeps showing error!!

Only started this morning.

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    Same with me, restarting MYOB and computer has not helped.  MYOB suggested restarting my router - like I have one of those at work...

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        Hi all,  
        Thanks for your posts and welcome here to the Community Forum. We apologize to hear that you are also impacted by the issue with the in tray and thank you for bringing this to our attention. We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout the process.  
        I would like to thank you also for letting us know that it is now working fine on your end, and we are pleased to inform you that the required team has resolved this issue. Thank you once again for your patience and understanding during this time.  
        Feel free to post again anytime you require further assistance.  
        If my response has answered your enquiry, please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users find this information.