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12 months ago

AccountRight Timesheets Notes



Looking for assistance with the following:


1.When timesheets are ready for approval and contain "NOTES", how do I view the entire note?


2. When running a timesheet report, am I able to filter the report within a specific period?  From what I see, a report can only be run on one particular date.  An "unprocessed timesheet" however, includes a filter with a "from" and "to" date.


3. Can a timesheet report be created whilst the approval status is still pending?  


Thank you!

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    Hello, Maunia thank you for your post. I'm happy to help!


    To answer your question:

    In viewing your timesheets, 

    • Choose Index to Reports from the Reports menu. The window for the Index to Reports displays.
    • Click the Payroll tab. Report headings are listed in a list.
    • Tap Employees. There is a list of reports.
    • Timesheets—to view every timesheet that was submitted for a particular week.
    • To access all unprocessed timesheets, click Unprocessed Timesheets.

    2. In setting up your Timesheets preference, click this Help Article: Timesheets

    3. If this is an approval status for your STP, I may advise you to please wait for it to be tagged as approved or accepted.


    If my response has answered your enquiry please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users find this information