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2 years ago

Cannot read property 'filter' of undefined. Please try again.

Can you please have a look at this and advise as to corrective action that I am required to take.


Cannot read property 'filter' of undefined. Please try again. If the error persists, get in touch with us. Request ID: 7492f48b-cf42-4f38-a9d6-27ea46ef21b7.

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  • Hello davidryan 


    Generally, this error pops up when you have saved a pay run and then edited something such as a timesheet or adding a pay item to an employee.


    What you will need to do is instead of resuming that pay run just start a new pay run and you shouldn't get this error pop up.


    Please let me know how you go. 


    If it is happening at any other point can you please detail when it is popping up and what you are doing when it happens.

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      I did neither of these things. I rang the helpdesk and they advised it was a "known issue" and suggested the same resolution path as you did.


      I continue to be completely dissatisfied with the reliability of MYOB. To be told to re-enter a complete payrun on a payroll day is not a pleasant situation. Every pay run is tight for time and there is never enough time to re-enter a payrun without additional stress. To be clear, issues such as this and the STP debacle that we went through at end of year are impacting on our decision to stay with MYOB.

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        I had exactly the same issue and I could not agree more with your sentiments!