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2 years ago

EOY Finalisation Gross not matching for terminated employee

In Payroll Reporting Centre at EOY Finalisation a terminated employee is only showing Gross payments and not overtime, Cash out of leave in service, Unused leave on termination and Other paid leave.


We are on STP2 since November 2022 and employee left in May 2023


Need insight to fix this imbalance for finalisation. Thank you

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    Im having the same problem with matching MYOB to ATO YTD report.


    For some terminated employees, the gross payments dont match.  Initially I thought it was for just one category of payment but upon checking the setting up it in MYOB it was correct e.g part of gross wages.  But when I comapre the Payroll register it doen't match to the ATO YTD report.


    What do we do as we have payroll to run and pay next Wednesday.



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      Further to my query about not being able to reconcil the Myob Data to the ATO YTD report.


      I have identified an example which i will upload.  We have a category called Weekend which as you can see on the employee pay slip created by MYOB, however the ATO Payroll reporting - employee year to date report at the time of the payroll does not include this amount in the breakdown.  I have checked the setup for this category, Weekend, and the ATO reporting Cateory is 'gross payments'.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

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    I am having the same problem. Tax free fringe benefits re not appearing in the verification reports for terminated emloyees. How can I fix this.

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    Hi Pamalexander


    Thanks for reaching out. 


    Generally, in EOFY Finalization tab, the YTD Verification Report shows all the pay items that was reported as Gross Payments. Also, checking the EOFY Finalization tab, next to the employee name there should be three dots that we can toggle to show the Individual Summary Payments as a breakdown of other pay items that is not reported as Gross Payments. If you add these Gross YTD to the Verification Report, everything should match.


    Let me know if you require any further assistance with this. I'm happy to help. 




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      I have exact same issue. Even did a post but the reply was all over the place.

      When I click on the 3 dots, overtime, other paid leave and termination pay shows on the report and if you add all those then the figure on MYOB report is correct. But for some reason, Gross YTD for the terminated employee does not reflect this total amount. However, YTD total matches the MYOB report. So should I accept this as normal and finalise the STP.

      Also, other employees are paid under same category (overtime/other paid leave except for the termination leave pay) and their gross YTD reflects all those amount!! Baffled.

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        I am having the same issue.

        Is this a bug in MYOB?

        Did anyone get a resolution?

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      There are some issues which aren't answered by what you have said.  I have posted in this thread below, can you please review and advise.  Would apprear im not the only one with this issue.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  I have payroll on Thursday 6th July.


      If you cant help, can you advise where we should go for further assistance.


      kind regards



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      Is this a fix to this issue?

      The EOFY finalisation gross does not match for terminated employees.  It's ignoring leave and bonuses etc given to terminated employees prior to their termination.

      The individual summary reports are correct (via the 3 dots).

      It's the STP screen that shows a summary of all gross YTD and gross total that is incorrect.


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        Thanks for the post by everyone.


        I solved this by 'undo' terminated employee in reporting centre and removed termination date in employee record and redid the termination. This changed the Gross to what it should be.


        Have no idea why this happened but it is solved for me


        Pam Alexander

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    I am finding the same. I have matched all the single touch payroll submissions to my actual myob yearly payment summary. Yet the employee that has been terminated her Ato Ytd summary is Short. Even if I add up the Gross Payments Lump Sum A and ETP Taxable Compoent amount I am still out .


    Help is this a Myob issue or have I done something. Wrong


    My Payroll is correct and so is the Submissions it just not showing on her Ato Summary of Payments right