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New Zealand Payroll - End of Payroll Year - FAQs

Hi everyone,


With the end of the financial year here, it’s time to make sure your copy of MYOB Payroll is up-to-date and that your end of year goes smoothly. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about MYOB Payroll. Please note: that this information relates to the program MYOB (Desktop) Payroll, used for calculating Payroll in New Zealand.


The MYOB Payroll installation has become unresponsive. What do I do?

The MYOB Payroll install process is a two-step process. First it extracts the installer, then brings up the install shield Wizard. This can take a while to complete.  A progress bar will appear and stop at 100%. It may remain on the screen for up to 5 minutes. After the progress bar disappears, it will appear your computer is doing nothing, but it is infact generating the installation. This can sometimes take 10+ minutes, and you'll see nothing new on the screen during this process. Despite appearances, the installation is continuing in the background. You can find more detail on this here.


How do I make sure that I’ve got the latest version of MYOB Payroll installed?

With MYOB Payroll open, you can check the version number by holding down CTRL and pressing R. The current version is 2018.1.995.


Why am I getting this message?



This message means that you are trying to process a pay after 1/4/2018 and haven't updated to Payroll 2018.1 If you don't install the 2018.1 update, you risk having PAYE calculate incorrectly. If you have a current business support subscription you can download MYOB Payroll from your my.MYOB account. You can find out more about this here.


After installing the update, I am encountering a C0000094 error. What should I do?
This particular message is caused by missing or corrupt fonts on the computer. Our Help Article: Reports or pay slips not printing correctly/C0000094 error would be able to assist with that message.


What reports should I run and what processes should I follow at the end of the financial year?

The following Help article has more information on all your End of financial year tasks.


Should you have any further queries regarding this information, please feel free to post on this forum. We're always happy to assist.