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4 years ago

Payroll error - only enter pays for current or previous financial year



I'm trying to process payroll for 1 July 2020.  When I try to do that, I get an error message;


"You can only enter pays for the current or previous financial year"


I'm using MYOB AccountRight Premier AU 2020.2.2, online version.  You don't have the option to close a payroll year anymore and I have closed my 2019 financial year.


Could you please advise?



  • Hi Everyone

    Thank you for your comments and patience in relation to this enquiry. We have shared these with our product teams to look at making potential changes for future payroll years.


    AccountRight 2020.2 will now allow pays to be processed for the 2020-21 payroll year (was from 10 AM AST - 01/07/2020).


    Clients have also experienced a negative leave message when processing their first pays in the new year with AccountRight 2020.2. More information on this topic can be found on Leave entitlement warning message when processing pays in AccountRight 2020.2


    As this situation has been resolved we have locked the comments on this thread. Should you have an enquiry relating to processing pays in AccountRight 2020.2 or another enquiry we do recommend starting a new post on this Community Forum.

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  • Hi Kerry59


    Thank you for your post. In AccountRight 2020.2 rolling over the payroll year and uploading the new tax tables is done automatically by the software at the start of the new financial year. As such, you won't be able to process pays with a July payment date until 1st July, when that roll over process will have occurred.


    When trying to process a pay run with a payment date in July and the system date is June, you will receive the error message You can only enter pays for the current or previous financial year. This is because the system has not rolled over to the new payroll year, ie 2020-21.


    This error message is NOT referring to the financial year in your company file (Setup>>Company Information) so please do NOT close your financial year. We do recommend that users always check with their accountants prior to closing the financial year.


    The message is an intentional change in the process, as the system does not allow for pays to be processed in a future payroll year. However, we do understand the wording may cause some confusion and we do apologise for that.

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      So I am going away this weekend and won't be back until after our staff's next pay is due and you are telling me I cannot set the pay in advance like I have in the past because MYOB have change the end of payroll year process without asking clients if this works for them. I am sure I am not the only small business that sometimes has to set pays in advance because I am the only one able to run payroll. What would you like me to tell my staff? Too bad I can't do your next pay until after the 1st July and seeing as I won't now be back until 7th July you will just have to wait for same?

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        We are in the same situation

        Next paydate 1/7/20

        ATO declaration required to be lodged before...

        sorry MYOB, the process should be operator initiated NOT EOFY

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      Hi Melisa

      This is absolutely crazy.   We have 350 pays to process over 15 different jobs.   Pay day is always Wednesday which happens to be 1st July and we start processing a couple of days before because it's impossible to process all on one day.   This now means that in order to meet our bank deadlines we have to date some of our pays 30/06 so half our pay for the period ending 28/06/2020 will be in one PAYG reporting year and the other half in the other.   


      We have reconciled and marked STP pays as final, but it seems we now have to restore from backup and process some of our payrolls in this financial year or tell our employee that their pay will be late due to MYOB EOFY functionality.


      Your feedback would be appreciated





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        Hi Everyone

        Thank you for your feedback on this topic.

        Currently, payroll transactions that have the payment date on or after 01/07/2020 will need to be processed within the next payroll year i.e. on or after the 01/07/2020. 

        Having said that, we have passed on your comments to the required team for the future of the product. No immediate changes are planned for the product so close to the end of the payroll year.

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    Hi Kerry59,


    I checked out your post, as it is now the 1.7.20 and we are still receiving the error message. It is 7.46am on 1.7.20, when I go into my company file, it is still saying 2019. I have had to pull extra staff in, as we were unable to process pays yesterday for payment date today. 


    If it automatically changes, does it change at a certain time of the morning.


    Any advice is much appreciated.