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6 months ago

Payroll Error Message - Validating Payroll Information for STP Failed

I keep receiving an error through payroll when I click record.  Validating Payroll information for single touch payroll failed.  We couldn't check your payroll information for single touch payr...
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    6 months ago

    Hi CalypsoLin


    Thanks for your post.


    We’re sorry to know that you’re getting an error recording a pay run. Please make sure that you are authorized to send payroll data to ATO. Since you’re using an online file, may you please try to do the following steps below: 


    • Go to
    • Sign in using your credentials.
    • Go to Payroll on the top tabs.
    • Select Single Touch Payroll at the bottom of the list.
    • Click Get Started and follow the prompts.
    • Yes, that we have notified the ATO, no to other software in year.
    • Click through to the end and then OK.


    Do let me know how it goes.