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5 years ago

Payroll Reporting Centre Status

I'm trying to send my report, but despite the fact that I haven't been prompted to send it yet, it keeps giving me the status of "sending". I have refreshed several times to see if it goes back to normal so I can actually sign my name and send the report. 


Is anyone else having this issue? Do you know how to fix it? It normally does that, but goes back to normal after refreshing, but it's now taking way too long, I've been trying for about an hour now! 


Today is our last day, closing for Christmas break. If I can't send the report, what happens then?



  • Hi Eliane 


    The ATO have advised of issues with STP lodgement on their end.  If your report doesn't get accepted by the ATO, when you process your next payrun the YTD amounts will be updated. The ATO are only interested in the YTD amounts so if they are correct then you're all good.


    Please let me know if you continue to have problems.

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  • Hi Eliane


    Thank you for your post, there is a delay in the reports sending which has been caused by ATO having some issues on their end. However it should go through in the next couple of hours. 

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      Hi Melisa_D ,


      Thanks for your reply!


      We are closing soon, I just checked and it's still not letting me sign in to send report.


      What are the repercussions if I can't send it today?


      I have two payrolls in there, one for next Tuesday and the other for the Tuesday after, as the office is shut.


      If I had at least been given the option to send, it would automatically and eventually send. But MYOB is not letting me sign my name to click send. That's why I didn't think it was the ATO problem, more like a software issue.




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        Hi Eliane


        Can I please clarify if you are getting an error message when you are trying to sign in ?