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6 years ago

Re: Payroll Processing Error - payroll is not recording



Sorry to jump here.


I had this error last week when processing payroll, but I manage to get through it and posted. I have reported to the ATO and payroll is showing in my payroll reporting tab. However even though this is showing reported to the ATO payroll wasn't recorded and it is nothing showing in transactions jornal.


What can I do? Do I need to procedd payroll again? Isn't it this will be a double report?





  • Hey Yuls,


    Take a look at Correcting mistakes with STP as I think you will find the information useful. Take particular note of the "My Reporting Categories are set up wrong" drop down tab.


    Your next payroll report to the ATO will correct this, or you can do so now by processing a $0 pay run.


    Please feel free to start a new post if you have any more questions.




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  • Hey Yuls ,


    You may want to double check your dates in transaction journal. If the incorrect dates are being searched, then you won't be able to see the payroll transaction even though it has been reported.


    Are you able to try this and let me know if it works for you?

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      Hi Maxine,


      That's what I did. I had to process Payroll again and not report it to the ATO and now it is posted. Tomorrow is my payrol day so I will check if the problem persists.


      Now, that I got the attention from someone from MYOB. I want to ask you something, there is a category that I need to be showing in the Payment summary as Rep Empl Super Cont, however this is categorized as Superannuation Guarantee. I have seen other messages with the same problem and MYOB moderators has able people to change the category to Rep Empl Super Cont, can you help me with this?


      Thanks Yuls.



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        Hey Yuls ( Yuls ),


        Hopefully that first problem is resolved for you now.


        For your second question, the answer depends on exactly what you are trying to do. I have found this help article that I think may assist you with what you need. 


        If this doesn't clear things up, pop back and I will be happy to assist you further.




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    Hi Yuls,


    How did you manage to get through your payroll?

    I am still on hold to MYOB 40 minutes and I am worried I am going to miss payroll cut off.

    I have even broken the file in half and it still won't process.

    Did you load up a new version of MYOB or did they help you process it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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      Hi MYOB,


      I have been on hold for an hour and 48 minutes and still no answer.

      I have however solved my own problem.

      I have had to feed my 135 employees in batches of no more than 50.

      This is how we use to do it years ago we seem to have lost some functionaliety with the new version 2019.2.1.

      The problem with doing it this way is that I made the changes to my payroll then ran the batches, it doesn't always save the changes made at the processing stage.  Very had to reconcile.

      Can we please look at increasing the capability back so I can run 135 employees in one go.


      Kindest Regards