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2 years ago

STP - EOFY Update event error

I am trying to send an "Update Event" but keep getting an error "You must specify a category" so it's stopping the update going through. I've checked every single pay item linked to all of the staff...
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    2 years ago

    Do you use categories (not payroll categories) for tracking?

    We do and it seems that message relates to that.

    I turned off category tracking in Setup-System and its worked.  

    I found this in FAQs relating to creating Bills


    "If you use categories in AccountRight, there's a preference you can turn on which requires a category to be selected for every transaction.

    Until we implement category functionality in the web browser version of AccountRight, if you're seeing this message in the browser you'll need to record the transaction in your desktop AccountRight software."


    Somehow its affected payroll even though i couldnt find a transaction without a category.

    Worth a try