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2 years ago

STP Glitch - Base Salary Not Included



We transitioned from STP 1 to 2 in Jan 23. One of our employees left in 2022 (STP 1), and returned as a casual in May 23 (STP 2). We re-activated his card in MYOB. In the STP EOFY finalisation report for him, everything else is correct, but his Base Salary from 2022 isn't included.


The Payroll Activity report is correct, but the Payroll Register is incorrect (similar to the STP EOFY report his Base Salary from 2022 isn't included).


To demonstrate with dummy values:


 20222023TOTAL   STP Report
Base Salary$10,000.00 $10,000.00 Gross Payments$1,250.00.
WRONG - Should show $11,250
Base Hourly $1,000.00$1,000.00   
Casual Loading $250.00$250.00   
Personal Leave$150.00 $150.00 Paid Leave (Other)$150.00
Unused Holiday Leave$200.00 $200.00 Unused Leave on Termination$200.00
PAYG$1,500.00$0.00$1,500.00 PAYG$1,500.00
Super$1,086.75$131.25$1,086.75 Super$1,086.75


Troubleshooting we've tried:

- Shouldn't be a problem with the payroll category 'Base Salary' as we use that for all salaried employees

- Have tried processing $0 pays on 30/06/23 but that didn't work

- Have tried processing a fake $1 pay in Base Salary on 30/06/23 and then reversing it just in case but didn't work either

- We're moved to the latest version of MYOB, 2023.05 in mid-June so that shouldn't be it either

- All pay changes are always made through processing a pay/reversing a pay


Any ideas/suggestions?



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  • Closing this as it's a double-up & not quite sure how else to close a post