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5 years ago

USER CREATED ENTITLEMENTS - not showing on paylip (e.g. Long Service Leave, Time in Lieu)

Changes to Long Service Leave in Victoria: PENALTIES MAY APPLY WHERE AN EMPLOYER: refuses an employee’s request to be provided with a copy of a long service leave record relating to the employee; I'...
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    5 years ago

    Hi LidiaP 


    Apologies for not making my previous response clearer. AccountRight 2019 works on the principle that the entitlement category will appear on payslips if the entitlement has been used i.e. had a value accrue for the current payroll year. When an employee is paid LSL, the amount is recorded against the wage payroll category but for the entitlement to appear on payslips the entitlement category needs to have a value against it. Recording a pay with a value against the entitlement category, then reversing that pay will show the entitlement balance on payslips.
    Based on my review of the documentation you have provided and additional documentation from other sources there is no required provision to have that information available on the payslips. it merely does need to be provided should the employee request that information.
    Please let me know if you need further help.
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