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6 months ago

Working Holiday Maker - income from previous employer

We have a working holiday maker who earned an income before joining us, so he has now advised he should be charged tax at a higher threshhold. How do I record the income he earned with his previous e...
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    6 months ago

    Hi GriffAdmin,


    Thank you for getting back to us and providing an update. The working Holiday Makers tax table looks at the pay history of the employee to determine the gross amount paid and uses that in the calculation.


    To assign a Working Holiday tax table;

    • Go to the Card file command centre and click Card List. 
    • Click the employee tab
    • Click the zoom arrow to open the employee's card
    • Click the Payroll details tab 
    • Click Taxes tab 
    • Enter the employee Tax File Number. If they do not have one, they can apply for one and provide it to you. See this ATO information for all details. If the employee has not provided their TFN, depending on the reason you can use one of these TFNs provided the ATO.
    • In the tax table field, choose the applicable Working Holiday Maker tax table. If you're not sure which one to choose, check with the ATO. 
    • for the Income Type, choose Working holiday maker and choose the employee's country of origin 
    • Click OK. 

    You can also check on this link for tax table for working holiday makers.


    I hope this helps. Contact us again if have questions or concerns. We are happy to help. 


    Kind Regards,