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3 years ago

Working holiday maker - registered



An error has popped up when trying to process payroll.   We have run payroll for this staff member for a month and this error has not occured previously. 


"The tax treatment code working holiday maker must have a valid income stream type"


Can anyone help us with this. 

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  • Hi HAUS38 


    This relates to STP Phase 2. Open the employee card, go to Payroll Details tab and then Taxes tab, select an Income Type for this employee. If you choose Working Holiday Maker you will need to provide the Country of Origin as well.




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      Hi Gavin, 


      We have no option to be able to change the Country of origin are you able to assist us with this? 


      Thank you 

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        Hi HAUS38 


        See image below - this is how AR2022 looks:

        (if you can't see the image, once you select Working Holiday Maker as Income Type, the Country of Origin selection is enabled)




        Ensure you have selected the Working Holiday Maker as Income Type. If Country of Origin is not enabled, please advise are you using AR2022 or Essentials/Business? Are you accessing via a Browser - if yes this feature might not yet be enabled. Otherwise try closing MYOB and restarting, and or clearing your AR Cache - this seems to resolve a large number of data issues in MYOB.