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2 months ago

Invoice Emails being blocked due to MYOB SPF/DMARC setup

This is for the MYOB network/email server admins, as invoices being emailed out to customers are potentially being blocked due to SpamAssassin rules:


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DKIM has Failed or SPF has failed on the message and the domain has a DMARC reject policy


Return-Path contains domain


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    To the mod Doreen_P, I either don't have access or know how to respond to your private message, as there's no Send or Reply option.


    I can tell you that another one of your customers had email us an invoice and it never even made it to our email server.

    The info in the original post here is from yet another one of your customers and was quarantined by our security mail gateway, due to the high probability of being spam.


    As getting client invoices out is a high priority for every business, MYOB needs to ensure their email system are configured correctly, as well as ensure the "spammyness" of invoices is eliminated or kept to a minimum.