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6 years ago

Pay Superannuation: Ability to receive authorisation code via email

I have set up Pay Super in order to process supper automatically. HOWEVER, when I get to the point of trying to process this quarter's payment, I find I need to receive an SMS code via my mobile - unfortunately I do not have mobile coverage (like most of rural & remote Australia), so I can't directly complete this. Can MYOB not provide an alternative for our situation - much like we can do 2 factor authorisation via email? Or what about sending the message as a data text? Either option would be simple to implement (I can only presume) and not alienate a significant number of users. 


While on this subject of SMS, if I wish to check my Pay Super Details, this page also requires an SMS text to be able to edit details. Please provide a solution to this oversight.


One disaffected rural user, who is tempted to switch to a competiotor product.


"Pay Super SMS code via my mobile"


  • TO MYOB: PLEASE provide an alternative to SMS for receiving the authentication code for super payments. In case you're not aware, a large portion of rural Australia is NOT covered by mobile, hence SMS is useless. So this means every quarter we have to call MYOB and wait for two hours to get an operator - today it was 102 minutes. Not every small business has someone sitting by the phone for business hours. And in a Live Chat converstaion with MYOB, the MYOB agent Ness even had the hide to suggest: "Mobile coverage is more widespread than that of the internet that's why MYOB has decided to select SMS." I believe this is factually incorrect - certainly geographically. It is time for MYOB to talk to customers to in fact determine whether this unilateral approach is appropriate, and whether in fact an alternative should be available - an email is just as secure, as the code is useless unless the MYOB account has been logged in to, which requires, guess what - an email address. Another alternative is a message via Messenger, which works off the internet. 

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      I agree there should be an alternative, though the statement that SMS is more widespread is technically accurate you would be using the internet to use the service anyway which makes the "more widespread" argument against it.


      something tells me that's a tech support agent trying to pull an answer out of thin air (this isn't a bad reflection on the rep as it's sometimes a requirement to work in tech support where not all information is available and assumptions have to be made)

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