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12 years ago

Sales: Reference number on invoice

We have docket numbers that are different for each job.  We would like a field that we can enter each job number (which would be different for each invoice).  So when we open the enter sales screen a field comes up to enter an applicable reference number or in our case docket number that can be shown in the invoices.


'Allow place in invoices for reference number"


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    Hi Belinda,


    This is definitely a limitation of MYOB unfortunately.


    If you don't need to quote your clients purchase order numbers, you could use that field but it is not a perfect solution and may confuse your customers if they start looking for that number on their own systems.


    If you use the service invoice layout, you could just quote the number on a new line underneath any of your other sales information that is coded to a ledger account.


    However, if you use the item invoice layout, you're out of luck as MYOB expects you to enter quantities of saleable items for this format.


    You could also use the comment field at the bottom, however, MYOB will keep adding those new reference numbers to the system so that you need to wade through a huge list of them if you ever need to search via the comment field.


    I really believe it is essential for MYOB to look at including extra field numbers that can handle situations such as job numbers / reference numbers / booking numbers etc as the current offering is woefully short.





  • Hi Belinda - maybe I'm not understanding your question correctly ...


    On one invoice (generated invoice number), you need to put multiple job numbers AND reference numbers?


    For example - on any given day/week/month, the job number could have two different docket numbers that need to be recorded against it which need to be recorded on the invoice?


    If you are using AR2012.* - with a service layout I key the docket number first, then hit the enter key which then creates a new line "within" the description (it doesn't create a new line with a zero balance).


    Greg is mistaken - you can do the same with an item layout - i push my home key when in the description of the item I'm selling (because I don't want to over-write what's there), key in the docket number and then push enter.  Otherwise if you want to you can right-click in the item number field and choose blank line - which then enables you to create a blank line you can key in without a zero dollar showing.  The blank line prints in bold which would show up your reference/docket numbers better.


    You can use the "customer purchase order number" field as your reference/docket number but you need to go into customise forms and although you are still using that "field" you need to change any text box related to it to something like Our Ref:.




    Sorry if I've misunderstood what you're after. 


    If you needed to supply multiple docket info onto one invoice, but retain the docket info (?) - MYOB Accountright Plus, Premier or Enterprise using the time billing feature / activity slips could be another option?  Dockets are created every day for the work done/items sold - then come invoicing time you choose the dockets to be consolidated (I believe, or shown separately) on an invoice - which can then be adjusted.  Check with the sales team :smileyhappy:

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