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6 months ago

Moved MYOB file from C drive to External Drive. How can I map change to MYOB online?

I have account right online. But there are still folders on my computer that pertain to myob.


I moved MYOB files to a different place on my computer to stop it having a melt down. (c drive was full).


I went to do save a report to excel aftercreating it.


MYOB is looking to put the report in the C drive folder. How do I tell MYOB that the file it wants is on my E drive now?


I have read a bit about mapping network drives but this won't help the myob file find its friend I don't think.

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  • Hi GateGirl,


    Thank you for your post.


    AccountRight company files do need to be stored in a library location on the computer. You can change the default library location. Library locations do need to be locally stored on your computer. You can store the company file in another location on your computer, and please note that you can only change the location to a different local drive, not a network drive. If you need to use an external drive, I recommend that a backup of the file be located there, with the file being stored locally, worked on, and restored to the external hard drive when completed. For further information on managing library locations, kindly refer to this Help article: Manage Libraries.


    Please let me know if you require any further assistance with this. I'm here to help.


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