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3 months ago

business name was not included when signing up

Please i need help adding in business name as i forgot to add???

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi rose141,


    Thanks for your post, and welcome to the Community Forum.


    My apologies for the late response. When updating or changing the name of the business, you may click the current business name in the top right corner of the dashboard, choose Business Settings, put the name on the Business Name tab, and then save. This will let you update the business name on your account. We also recommend logging out and then logging back in again to make sure it will take effect immediately. 


    Please note that changes on the Business Setting page will not be reflected in the bills you receive from MYOB. To review your account and billing details with MYOB, visit My Account.


    Feel free to start a new post if you have any other queries. You may also reach out using our online help MOCA to ask questions anytime you get help.


    Otherwise, if my response has answered your inquiry, please click "Accept as Solution" to help other users find this. 



    Kind regards,