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3 months ago

backup date incorrect

I can't get the backup date to update on my online files. I have backed up today (& many other times) but the counter won't re-set. There appears to have been a previous discussion about this issue...
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    3 months ago

    Hi CathS-BW 


    This is one of those long standing bugs in MYOB, which MYOB can't be bothered fixing. When you make a backup, MYOB should update the backup date - however it doesn't. The backup still happens. Moderators simply tell users to check the backup zip file exists in the location you specified and not to worry about this screen you are seeing.


    To 'fix', make a backup. Restore locally. Open locally and create a backup - MYOB will then update the last backup date. Restore this backup online. This will change the days since last backup warning. However it will not update any further until you repeat the process. If unsure how to backup and restore, see Support Note here