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6 years ago

Restoring Company File - Error Message when uploading Company File

Hi    I am using the new Cloud based - AccountRight Plus AU 2018.3   At some point in the last year, my Company File Name was changed to include a year "2018" and I have been trying to change it ...
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    6 years ago

    Hi MandMak 


    Thanks for confirming this, this is what I mentioned before with the Recently opened list.


    As a small note it won't change the Shortcut link on the Recently Opened list, you can right click the shortcut and choose "Remove from list" and the next time you open the file it'll re-create the shortcut.



    What I suggest doing this:

    1. Right Click the name listed here
    2. Choose Remove from List
    3. Once removed go to: Open > Online
    4. Sign in here and open the datafile (This should show the correct name)


    Once re-opened, try closing and re-opening to see if this now shows up correctly in the list.