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2 years ago

Using online file in offline mode

Hi there. We've migrated AccountRight to Business Pro and cancelled our A'Right subscription. I have the A'Right back up file (as sent to the migration team) now restored to the Library for offline a...
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    2 years ago

    Hi Lianne1900 

    When you open a company file locally you would be greeted with a window that does look similar to the following:


    This would be asking for your company file user ID and password. These would have been set up in the file using the Setup>>User Access window. These are likely different from your AccountRight Live login which uses your my.MYOB account information (email address and password).

    Each company file does have a default company file login, which is Administrator and no password i.e. Click OK. If that doesn't allow access it would indicate that the file does have an Administrator password added. Should that Administrator password not be remembered or can't be guessed then we would be looking at arranging for that company file to be sent in for a password recovery. Do let us know if you require that service - we would need to get your last four digits of your serial number and what service (premium or standard) you were looking at.


    EDIT: If you can still access the online file and it is the file you are looking at moving locally, go into the file and set the password for the administrator user. Once that has been done, take a backup and restore that file. As that restored file would have had the password updated in it you can use that newly set password for entry.