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2 years ago

Incorrect allocation

Can anyone help me with this issue please 

Myob has allocated a payment against an incorrect invoice , i have unmatched and allocated to the correct invoices but the original invoice that the payment was made against is still showing as closed .

Do i delete the payment of the incorrect invoice from "record payment from customer "

Also , can i stop Myob from automatically allocating payments to invoices .



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    Hi kcport 


    Thanks for your post. If you've already entered a corresponding transaction in MYOB, you should match the transaction. See Matching bank transactionsA bank transaction and MYOB transaction are matched if they have the same date and amount and the MYOB transaction is the correct type (such as Spend Money). If there are two identical transactions, a match won’t happen — you're able to review the possible matches and select the right one. This is not something that can be switched off. 


    How was the payment linked to the invoice? If you’re receiving a payment from a customer for an invoice entered from the Invoices page, enter the payment from the Invoices page. For more information see Customer payments. This article also describes how to delete a payment.