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4 months ago

ERROR - Register for eInvoicing

Hi there,


I've tried many times to register for eInvoicing but it still gives me the same error "Something went wrong. Please try again or refresh the browser."


Also, we have never used eInvoicing previously. 


Please assist with the way to register for eInvoicing

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      MYOB Moderator

      Hi All


      Thanks for your post, and welcome to the MYOB Community Forum.


      Are you still having issues registering to EInvoicing? If yes, please have the other users of the business register. Also, please check your user access if the Owner, Admin and Sales are ticked. Please let us know how it goes on your end.


      Best regards,


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        Hi Doreen_P


        Yes - My user access is the administrator, and we tried the owner of the business register. Both of us received an error for registering for eInvoicing. Please assist. Thank you.