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2 months ago

Intray for MYOB Business

Hi There

I migrated from MYOB AR to MYOB Business and gave the client new user access. However they are saying they can't use the intray or send receipts to intray from the phone app. Is there anything needs to be done for intray with he new migrated MYOB Business?

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  • Hi Bassem,


    Thank you for your post.


    For users attempting to access the In Tray from their mobile phones, it's essential to ensure they've selected the "Desktop Site" option within their phone's browser settings. This option is typically located in the browser menu and is often indicated by three dots or an ellipsis. Additionally, it's crucial to verify that the new user has been assigned the appropriate access roles and permissions to utilize the In Tray feature in MYOB Business.


    If the user continues to have trouble accessing the In Tray despite adjusting these settings, I kindly request further details about the issue. Is there any error message when they use In Tray? Can they use the In Tray on the computer without any issues?


    Feel free to create post again if you need further assistance.




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      How to move the document in teh Intray from old AR file to the new MYOB Business file?

      It looks teh documents were in tray in AR file were not migrated with th data to the new MYOB Business?

      Don't you usually migrate the intray docs to the new MYOB file when migrating?

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        HI Bassem,


        Thanks for your response.


        As far as I know, documents uploaded from the In Tray are supposed to be included in the migration process. However, if you find that they haven't made it over to your file, don't worry! You can manually link these documents to the relevant transactions in your MYOB Business file by downloading them onto your computer. If you'd rather have our migration team take care of this for you, please submit a support request via My Account, and we'll get right on it!


        Feel free to create a new post again if you need further assistance.