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2 months ago

Intray issues - full of bugs!

Hi,  how many other MYOB users are tormented by the bugs within the Intray function?

* I create Spend money, and it uploads as a bill.  
To fix, I have to cancel, go back to the intray, and change from Create Spend Money to Create Bill  and then back to Create Spend Money to 'reset' it, and then start again.

* Credit notes are always, one cent out!

* If there is any glitch whilst uploading a document from the intray, such as a drop in the internet connection, the document dissapears!
The staff are now emailing me receipts as well, as they don't trust MYOB to receive them properly.  This creates more work!   Why is there no capture of deleted or lost invoices?

The in-tray  is great when it works, and a nightmare when it fails.

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    Hi Stillonhold,


    Thanks for hanging in there. I totally understand that you've been having a bit of a rough time with In tray. But don't worry, I've got a few workarounds to help you out:

    • Spend Money: You will need to create a spend money transaction first then link it to the bill.
    • Credit Note: This is a possible rounding-off issue. You can record a 1-cent transaction or adjust the transactions manually.
    • Glitch: First off, you need to create the corresponding bill. Once that's done, you can upload the document, attaching it to the bill you made.
    • Deleted or Lost Invoices: I suggest you head over to and raise a case for further assistance.

    Should the above workarounds not work, you can include your concerns in the support case you will be creating. This way, you can get the help that you need. 


    Also, don't forget about our virtual assistant, MOCA. You can find MOCA hanging out on a bunch of support platforms like and Feel free to chat with MOCA for any questions or help you need. And don't worry, if MOCA can't help out, you'll be smoothly handed over to our live chat team.


    Hope this helps!




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    Thanks for your response.


    As a full time user of MYOB, I am all across the work-arounds!    How can you run this programme otherwise?

    Work arounds are a nuisance and time comsuming,  they defeat the purpsose of the in-tray's capability of scanning documents. 


    The credit issue is not at all about rounding, as you suggested.  A straight credit of $50 will load as $49.99.  Always 1c out, not matter what.

    Deleted /Lost invoices need to be caputred in a recycling bin of sorts.

    MOCA is not helpful at all in roviding assistance to skilled users,  but thanks anyway for the offer.


    "MYOBelieve you have to get through the bugs via workarounds yourself!  We understand significance of workarounds and will pass this on to the appropriate team for it be ignored.  Currently the option for fixing is not available. Please feel free to upvote  "