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2 years ago

Business Insights is displaying old information

Business Insights is displaying figures/graphs from 4 months ago (May). How do I have it show details up to today date?

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    Hi vp-ast 


    Thank you for your post. AccountRight caches some information that it loads frequently so that it can display information faster the next time you open the window.


    As the software is showing you old information I recommend the following troubleshooting steps:

    • Check that the User ID you are currently logged in with has access to view the Business Insights (Setup > User Access > Manage Roles > Check Business Insights is ticked). 
    • Clear the AccountRight Cache to force it to refresh and pull the information through again.


    If the information is still not coming through could you reply with a screenshot of the Business Insights window and the last 4 digits of your Serial Number so I can assist you further?


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