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8 months ago

Credit Card Surcharge - Job Code missing



I am new to the credit card surcharges.  When we received the 1.8% online payment surcharge it is being processed as a deposit to our "undeposited fund".  However, we are unable to allocate a job to the transactions.  This means that at the end of the month, we have a number of transactions appearing in the Job Exceptions (Cash Transactions) Report, and we are unable to amend the transactions and allocate them to a job code. 


Can you provide any assistance?




  • Hi GPM1


    Thank you for your response and the screenshot you've attached. 


    It seems that the normal process of Online Invoice Payments defaults to passing the transaction to the undeposited funds. This can be found in this article, Customer surcharging for online payments


    If you want to edit the surcharge transaction to add a job, you will need to delete the electronic payment (bulk payment), edit the surcharge of the individual transaction, and then recreate the electronic payment. Although this is a lot of work to achieve a goal, this is the only option we have. Rest assured we will raise this to the development team. 


    In the meantime, let us know if you need any other assistance. 




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    I have excatly the same question - did you receive any response? - Otherwise i will be needing to do a journal to force the job code in

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      I haven't received a response yet.  I've journaled the transactions & I'm hoping that MYOB provides a solution soon.  Luckily we don't have many transactions. 

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        Hi BB12


        Thanks for posting your concern in the forum. We appreciate you for taking the time to attach screenshots.


        I'm sorry to hear about your issue adding a job code for surcharges. You can open individual transactions like the CR010307S and edit them to add a surcharge. If you can't edit the information, may I get you to send us a screenshot of your Setup> Preferences > Security tab window? 


        We look forward to your response.