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2 years ago

Invoice email notification turn off

How to turn off the notification 'your invoice has been sent by Outlook. To view check your sent folder in Outlook' after each invoice has been emailed.

This has started after the latest Acct Right Prem version update today 2023.1.0

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  • With the new MYOB version 2023.1.0 when we process an Invoice and email it we are getting a note on myob stating your Invoice has been emailed via outlook and we need to okay this everytime. 

    Is it possible to switch this off?

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      Same problem here.


      Looking forward to having to click that 300 times when the statements are being sent 1st march.



      Attn: MYOB


      How do we turn that off please?  I am aware I am using Outlook, I am also not a complete idiot and understand that is what the sent items folder is for.

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        100% correct.... absolute time waste of an idea


        not one other app or program that we use does this... 

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    Also don't need (or want) this dialog box to pop up every time I email an invoice.
    It serves no purpose other than now having another button to click.


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      Can I please get an update ? or at least a means to roll back to the previous version.

  • Please add me to this list too. Annoying and should definitely have a tick box to prevent future pop ups

  • Hi Everyone

    Thank you for your feedback

    With the release of AccountRight 2023.1 we have introduced a new prompt that does appear when emailing from the software. This is to alert the user that the email has been successfully delivered to Outlook, previously there was no indication as to the outcome.

    At this time, there is no provision to disable that message from appearing, however, we do thank you for your feedback and will be sharing this with our teams.

    Copy of messaging:

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      Dear Steven_M


      Thank you for your totally useless response. I process close to 1000 invoices per batch and I now need to acknowledge the bleeding obvious by clicking the button 1000 times per batch.  Add this to the other mouse clicks I am already forced to click and you have increased my workload significantly.

      I would be interested in the thought process behind this useless feature;

      Who requested it?

      Who researched the effects it may have on the end user?

      Who beta tested it?

      Who signed off on it?

      To me, and the others on the forum who have commented, it is an annoyance and I cannot understand who, in this busy world would welcome yet another step in the process

      At the very least incorporate a "Do not prompt me again" check box which needs to be ticked on the first appearance of this annoying and useless prompt so those of us who know what they are doing can exonerate you of any responsibility for the sending of emails from your application - a bit like the really annoying prompt which appears on the display in your car when you first start it up - you know, the useless "Do not stare at this screen while driving" ay least there is a button to turn that off for the duration of the journey.

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      Hi Stephen,

      It is a disappointment that there are no plans to remove this. Terrible from a user point of view, and so odd that is was added to the latest version, without a way to turn off.  Seems a waste of time for work done when there are more pressing issues to fix.


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        Why can't MYOB just admit it made a mistake and get rid of this unwanted, intrusive feature. Just another button to press for no reason at all. If you want to appear proactive, why not fix the constant, daily crashes?

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      Hi Steven,


      We are having the same issue as everyone else with the Invoice sent message.  When you are sending multiple invoices a day this becomes extremly frustrating. 


      When are MYOB removing this or at least giving users the option of disabling the message.



  • Step 1: Create an invoice. Step 2: Select 'Send' Step 3: Click 'Attach PDF' icon. Step 4: Select the method you would like to share the invoice (Email, Whatsapp, SMS) Step 5: Choose who you will be sending it to. Step 6: Click 'Send'

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      You don't turn it on or off - that is why we are annoyed by it.


      MYOB has two options for sending emails (see Setup, Preferences, Emailing) one uses your own Outlook system and the other uses MYOB's system.  When you select to use MYOB there is no way (that I know of) to check if an email has been sent, hence many of us choose to use the other option as we can go into our own Outlook account and see what has been sent and if the email address is wrong or bounces you will get a notification in Outlook saying that has occured.  The system worked perfectly well as it was.  Now we are receiving a pop up nofication with every email we send which is redundant and a time waster, anyone who sends multiple invoices a day (as I do) is pulling their hair out in despair.


      I wonder if those using the MYOB system to send emails is getting the same pop up?  Probably not, maybe this is just another manipulation to see if we will move over to that option, reducing the work that software writers have to do to facilitate a good intergrated program (hmm conspiracy theory?).


      Can we please have a response as to 'When are MYOB removing this or at least giving users the option of disabling the message' as posted a week ago now?





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        When is MYOB going to fix this. Pop ups that can not be turned off are unacceptable in this day and age.