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5 years ago

Matching a supplier refund bank transaction

Hi,   does Bankfeed 100% all the time and for all kinds of transaction?   I am trying to record (New) a refund from a supplier,   Why it doesnt work.   Thank you
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    5 years ago

    Hi nancyq 


    If those requirements have been met but the transaction is still not appearing in the Find and Match window we would need to grab screenshots of the following information to investigate further:

    • One of the Settle Supplier Returns and Debits transaction i.e. the transaction you are trying to match to
    • One of the relevant bank feed transaction
    • One of the transaction appearing in the Reconcile Accounts window
    • One of the Find and Match window showing no transaction listed

    With this information, we would be able to have a closer look at the transaction and see what is occurring with that transaction.