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9 months ago

Change of Bookkeeper / BMS ID



The company I work for currently outsources payroll and bookkeeping to an external bookkeeper, who has been submitting STP2 reports via her BAS/Tax Agent number.  However, the company now wishes to bring payroll and bookkeeping in-house and submit STP2 reports directly themselves via MYOB.  


When processing payroll, will ticking the 'authorised sender' be sufficient, or do we need to undertake another step before processing the first payrun in-house?  I am unsure how the BMS ID works where nothing has changed about the business other than the person submitting the STP report.  


Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi M_Moar,


    Thank you for your post.


    In this case, they'll need to set up their STP business details under the STP reporting center. Set up a declarer for reporting payroll, then update and edit the STP business details by notifying the ATO with your previous BMS ID. Please refer to this Help article: Add a Declarer for Single Touch Payroll Reporting for detailed information about adding a declarer.


    Please let me know if you require any further assistance with this. I'm happy to assist.






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      Hi Princess


      Thanks for that information and the links - really appreciate it.





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        Hi M_Moar,


        You're welcome, Michelle! It's a pleasure helping you with any queries you have. Please feel free to create a new post again if you need help in the future. I'd always be here to help.