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3 years ago

CMN.ATO.PAYEVNTEMP.000239 - not tax ready when STP finalised


I have a small handfull of employees (ex  employees actually, not current) complaining our data is not tax ready in mygov.  I have tried unfinalising them and refinalising them, however the STP reports they have been 'accepted with errors' by ATO.  The error is CMN.ATO.PAYEVNTEMP.000239.   


What is interesting is this error has reprotede for all 200 employees finalised but only 2 of my staff (ex) are saying the data is not tax ready.   Can you please advise asap.



  • Hi 

    Not sure if this helps but this was my situation.

    My EOFY STP didn't balance.  I contacted MYOB and was told to activate terminated employees in MYOB (take out their termination date), run a 0 payroll for them all send to ATO (I was told not touch the STP terminations) .  This worked to balance all my reporting and I had ticks next to everyone to say they had been finalised.  I then started receiving phone calls from terminated employees saying they were not tax ready.  I contacted MYOB again and they said because we had ticks against everyone that it was good from MYOB's end.

    I contacted the ATO and did some comparisons against our Summary of Payments to the information they had.  They didn't match, the zero payroll had been accepted by the ATO with error, but it hadn't updated at their end.

    I then went into Employee Terminations in STP reporting centre, undid all the employees for last financial year, re-added their termination, re-entered their Termination date with a Termination reason.

    I then repeated the MYOB 0 payroll run (with June 30 dates) by making them active and taking out their termination dates in MYOB.  Once I had run the payroll and reported it to STP, I contacted one of the workers and everything had gone through.  No changes to ticks on EOFY finalisation page.  Painful for 32 employees, but I can forget about it now!

    Good Luck



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    I am having the same issue and have tried the same solution.  I had read somewhere that the STP 2 needs a reason for termination (the employees were terminated on STP 1) I have added the termination reason in MYOB. This is the reason for the error. I was told not to touch the termination notifications in STP reporting centre.

    Interested in the outcome.  


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      HI Amanda


      I didnt see the notifications on not touching the terminations in stp, so i did go ahead and unfinalise them, then undid the termination, then redid the termination with a reason, then resdid the finalisation.  

      good news is  - all the reports were accepted in STP.  However bad news is - both employees still do not see tax ready...... arggggggggggggg :(


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        Hi KerryDeInterchange1 ,


        Thanks for your posts. Error message CMN.ATO.PAYEVNTEMP.000239 is due to trying to finalise an employee in STP Phase 2 but they have been terminated in STP Phase 1.


        What you will need to do to resolve this is remove the finalisation in the employee terminations tab, this is explained on this Help Article . Once you've done this you will need to redo the termination, this is explained on this Help Article


        Once you've done this, please run a $0.00 pay or send an update event to update the YTD figures. 


        In regards to employees ATO status as Not Tax Ready, if you can see a green final indicator tick next to the employees name within payroll reporting this would mean they have been finalised through STP Reporting. It would be recommended to check with the ATO as why the status hasn't updated on their end.