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6 months ago

deactivating employees

Hi community support,

in relation to the 4 employee limit, is it sufficient to 'inactivate' an employee who has left and then add a new employee, and also, do we have to wait till the end of the month after 'inactivating' or can a new employee be added immediately if we are at the 4 employee limit?

Thank you

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    Hi, hamptonandsouth


    Thanks for your post, and we're sorry for the delayed response.


    If an employee has left the business and is no longer working, it is best to inactivate the card file and make sure to report it to the ATO. However, if the employee decides to work again with the business, it is recommended to re-activate their card file to avoid any issues. If you need further assistance with this, let us know. We are here to assist you.


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