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12 months ago

Duplicate employee card causing Super issue

Is there really no better solution for this issue paying super when there are two cards for the same employee? I've ended up going to the ATO and paying through the desperation. Or if you have to remove a card I need step by step instructions. Thanks in advance...Su

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    Hi SuFish 


    Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum.


    In this matter, the Pay Super function of AccountRight does require that each employee card within your file has a unique employee membership number. This is because this is one of the identifiers that are used to identify the contribution to an employee. 


    If for some reason the employee had two cards, to which all of their superannuation contributions will work as there is only one employee with that membership number. You  could check with your employees super fund to see if they can be issued with a second membership number, if the have to have two cards in your file. 

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      Dear Earl_HD , did you see the private message I sent with the employee's info? Is it not possible to retire an employees card in myob so the new card will work?


      I can ask the super company if they have a solution but it sounds confusing getting them to set up another membership number for the person, unless they can be linked I guess. 

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        Hi SuFish 


        While it might sound too obvious, have you tried removing the super membership number from the employee card that is no longer to be used? And perhaps re-naming it to avoid accidentally using it?