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2 years ago

Employee Card information mapping incorrect from Onboarded employee

We have used the onboarding function for our first employee recently. The employee data appears correct on the employee card & the first payrun was processed fine.   I used the Import/Export Assis...
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    2 years ago

    Hi BrendanMP 


    Welcome to the Community Forum.  We have been made aware of a current situation where if the employee information is entered through the self-onboarding form, it will cause some of the fields to display on multiple rows and push out alignment.


    The workaround would be to either 1) not include the fields or 2) delete the text in the fields and retype it again (to remove the bad formatting). These are the fields that we are aware of being affected:

    • Addr 1 - Line 1
    • Notes 

    Do let us know how you go and if you had any further queries.


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